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Putting My Experience
to Work

Working with children and parents is very rewarding.  I know from experience we need to focus on the whole child.  If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that children need undivided attention and support from all of us. 

We must work collectively  to assure students  are successful in every  area of life:

• Home

• Family

• Academic

• Social

• Physical

• Emotional 


Hi, I'm Sherlett Hendy Newbill and I taught

for 25 years at Dorsey High School



Teacher Sherlett Hendy Newbill was born and raised in our community. She graduated from Susan Miller Dorsey High School, attended and graduated from Xavier University, and returned to teach at her high school alma mater. For over two decades, Sherlett Hendy Newbill has been a Leader, a Teacher, a Mentor, and a Coach to thousands of children at Dorsey and its community. She is also a Mother whose passion is improving our schools for her sons and for all of our children.


  • Supported parents and teachers to prevent our neighborhood schools from closing.

  • Supported increased parent, grandparent and caregiver involvement and engagement in schools.

  • Helped restore college counselors in our schools and reduce class sizes so that every child can work or succeed in college.

  • Collaborated with various stakeholders for successful facilities renovation projects.


  • Support policies and programs that promote comprehensive safety plans in all of our schools.

  • Help establish full-service community schools with quality afterschool programs. 

  • Insist on wrap around health, mental health, social and family services. 

  • Support Innovative programs at campuses that promotes student achievement.

  •  Expand the connection and relationship between community stakeholders and our School District for greater accountability.


Sherlett Hendy Newbill coaches kids to succeed in life by empowering them with education. She brings people together, gives them hope and teaches them the rules of the game to succeed in life and school. She is running for School Board to continue her lifelong commitment to the children of Los Angeles.


Sherlett Hendy Newbill and her husband, former NBA player Ivano Newbill, are proud of their sons and the community.

Endorsed by Legendary Educator
Dr. George J. McKenna III

"I've dedicated my entire life to the education of underserved students in Los Angeles and surrounding communities.  In my opinion, Sherlett Hendy Newbill, is the absolute best choice to succeed me in this seat.  I urge you to cast your vote for Sherlett, she will do the best job of improving educational outcomes for our students."


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More Endorsers


Sherlett Hendy Newbill: Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher
Can education be a ticket to a better life?


Ask a poor kid from South LA. Ask a child of immigrants whose parents struggled to put food on the table for their five children. Ask a graduate of the Los Angeles Unified elementary, middle, and high schools who went on to college and the American Dream.


Ask me.


I am Sherlett Hendy Newbill and I want to be your next LAUSD School Board Member from District 1.


I am from this community. Born and raised in the heart of District 1, near Cimarron and 26th St., I know this community’s needs and perspective first-hand. I went to school here and was a first-hand witness to all the possibilities – and challenges – our schools present.


Education was a cornerstone value in my family. My parents believed in the promise of America – that if you worked hard, you could succeed no matter who you are or where you come from. I took their wisdom to the prestigious Susan Miller Dorsey High School, where I graduated in 1990. I received a scholarship to attend Xavier University in New Orleans. I earned my degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Kinesiology in 1994. I could have made my life elsewhere. But I didn’t. My heart and my home is in District 1 and I returned here to ‘pay forward’ the gift of education that I received from my parents and my public schools. I came home to obtain a teaching credential so I could teach and coach at my alma mater.

I did more than educate in the classroom. As a high school basketball coach, I taught students teamwork, discipline, and hard work – all qualities that are essential to academic success. Since 1998 I have been at Dorsey High, motivating thousands of students toward college and a brighter future and bringing home numerous basketball championships!


I also understand the challenges of leadership. I have been a Lead Teacher at one of Dorsey’s Innovative Small Learning Academies—developing curriculum, school programs and personalizing learning for our youth is a passion of mine. As the Dorsey girl's head basketball coach for 20 years, I coached leadership, hard work, and teamwork. I also have worked closely with, and organized, teachers, parents, and administrators to improve our schools and empower our students.

I helped develop a curriculum to improve the teaching of physical fitness for our children. I have been an instructor in the prestigious Teach the Teachers Collaborative at the Thacher School. I was also inducted into the Dorsey High Hall of Fame in 2012.


I value family. I have been fortunate to be accompanied on my journey by my wonderful husband, Ivano Newbill, a former NBA player, and a smart, supportive, and empowering partner. “Newby,” as we call him, and I are active in our church and community. As parents to two sons, we have both a personal and professional reason to be devoted to the cause of children’s empowerment through education. We are also passionate about the struggle for educational justice.


I will be your voice for schools. As a Board Member, my heart and my door will always be open to working with you, whether you are a parent, teacher, administrator, or concerned community member. Reach out to me, email me with your ideas or make a donation to our cause. Together we can make a new voice for change heard in Los Angeles!

My core priorities.  I understand  that academic excellence for all students is attainable when resources are anchored by programs such as community schools, parent engagement, and comprehensive health and student safety. 

As an extension of student safety.

Recommend a student-led organization with anti-discrimination policies and gender-sexuality alliances ( student-led groups that are also known as gay–straight alliances or GSAs) help all students by creating more supportive school environments.


These groups are catalysts for positive change in schools by improving school safety, inclusiveness, and student civic engagement.


Support schools identifying “safe spaces” for students, such as a counselor’s office, designated classroom, or student organization where LGBTQ youth can receive support from administrators, teachers, or other school staff.


Recommends professional development on how to support LGBTQ students. 


Sherlett understands that students who feel close relationships at school or who have strong connections with family and peers are less likely to report mental health concerns like hopelessness, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts or intentions.

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